Water Heaters

Looking for Water Heater Repair or Replacement in Dorchester, MA?

Water heater installation can be tricky – it’s not a DIY job. If you’re replacing an older or smaller unit or having one installed in a new build, trust Gomes Plumbing & Heating to execute the project perfectly and ensure years of future reliability. If you aren’t sure what size or type of water heater you need, we can make recommendations for both residential and commercial water heaters, including both electric and gas models. We’ve been in this business for over 20 years and we have a feel for what works – and what doesn’t according to your property’s unique needs.

When your hot water goes, the problem can range from an inconvenient cold shower to a complete stop of business, restaurant, or medical facility. Emergency water heater repair isn’t something that anyone plans on – but you can count on us at Gomes Plumbing & Heating. We proudly offer services to the greater South Boston area, including Dorchester, Roxbury, West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Quincy, Milton, Roslindale, and beyond. Our experienced technicians will give you a fair quote and quick, thorough service. Although no one can predict when a water heater will break, preventative maintenance for your unit can ease the stress on moving parts and take care of small repairs before they snowball into larger emergencies. Gomes Plumbing & Heating can schedule your building for regular water heater service to ensure you never run into any issues.

If you have any questions about our company or if you would like to schedule a service, we invite you to contact us at 617-818-7601 today.